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Pink Elephant Resources | Pink Elephant Resources
Pink Elephant Resources Pastor Jay Dennis Pornography and Christians our hardcore battle plan
Pink Elephant Resources Pastor Jay Dennis Pornography and christians our harDcore battle plan
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Why Pink Elephant?

It’s Been Called the Bubonic Plague! Pornography.  It threatens marriages, homes, and the church. It is the number one issue facing Christian men.

As a result, Pastor Jay Dennis developed extensive resources to educate leadership on how to forthrightly, but compassionately, address the issues of pornography. Using One Million Men Porn Free materials, leadership can facilitate a study program that will take men through the steps to freedom, and teach men how to help a Christian brother, or even their son.

For men. Need resources?
For women. Need Resources?
For Pastors. Empower Your Church.
Have you committed to a porn free life?
We have committed to reaching 1 million people that pledge to live a pornography free life
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Don’t ignore the

pink elephant!

Someone you know, someone you love,

some man or woman in the church

you lead is struggling with viewing pornography.

It’s a dangerous threat facing the men

and increasingly the women in our churches.

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Its been called the new Bubonic Plague. It threatens marriages, homes, and the church. Pornography is the #1 issue facing Christian men, men who love God, men in the church. Today you can begin to change things. Every movement starts with just one, one individual, one man laying it all on the line. Commit to a pornography free life today!

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