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08 Dec The Object of My Affection

  [social_share]   Object of My Affection from Pink Elephant on Vimeo. Protect your Family & Get Accountabilty!  Covenant Eyes is what we recommend installing on all of your electronic devices.   Use the link below to check it out & be sure to use promo code "PinkElephant" to...

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Porn Free Wifi

09 Feb We Demand Porn Free Wifi

Enough is Enough, a partner organization is leading the charge to get 25,000 outlets to block pornography in McDonalds & Starbucks.  Please help by signing the petition! CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION Below is an excerpt from the follow up letter they have sent to the...

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05 Feb Pastor Jay Sermon – 50 Shades of Grey

Your Marriage- Black White and Grey Shades One book is sold every second. It’s being talked about everywhere you go. Unfortunately, the success of Fifty Shades of Grey says something about our culture, our society that is frightening to say the least. Women are reading these...

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50 shades of porn

04 Feb 50 Shades of Porn & Abuse

"Around Valentine's Day, many Christians will be making a decision that will affect their thinking the rest of their lives. A Christian who sees 50 shades of Grey affirms sex outside of marriage, aggression against women and the normalization of pornography. Christian do you really...

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Covenant Eytes

22 Dec Protect Your Family

Look under your Christmas tree and throughout your home. Do you have unprotected computers, smartphones, and tablets? Too often Internet devices bring the unintended pain of pornography. Give only joy this Christmas. We endorse Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability and Filtering to protect your devices. Use this link to...

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05 May Are You Ready For Revival?

“When asked to estimate the percentage of men in their congregations who view pornography on a weekly basis, 43% are unable or unwilling to respond. Of those able and willing to estimate, a majority (62%) say less than 10%, 24% say 10-24%, 10% say 25-49%...

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Pink Elephant Women Resources

05 May A Praying Woman

A praying woman can storm the gates of hell.  A praying woman can overcome a crisis at home and at church.  A praying woman can disable Satan’s weapon of pornography.   You can be One – One of One Million Women Warriors Praying for One Million Men to be Porn Free by...

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