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Join One Million Men Living Pornography Free Lives












Join one million menCLICK HERE to become one of one million men! Imagine with me what could happen if 1 million Christian men would commit to living a pornography free life. You may ask, is it that much of a problem? The answer is “Yes.” It has invaded and infected the majority of men within the church.

I challenged the men to make the porn free commitment and to publicly declare that commitment. I am happy to say that at last count 2400 men have said, “I will live a pornography free life.” What happened in our church can happen in yours regardless of the size, location, or number of staff. I want to challenge you today to be 1 of 1 million men! This is not another ministry; it is a movement… a movement that challenges every Christian man to live without ever viewing pornography and to depend on the Holy Spirit to give him the wisdom, discernment and strength daily to maintain that commitment.






10 Reasons to Join 1 Million Men committing to live pornography free


 1. You are driving a stake in the ground spiritually that says, “I am committed. I am all in!”

 2. You are tangibly demonstrating that you are serious about purity

 3. You are saying to your wife, “I am committed to a pornography free life.”

 4. You are saying to your children, “Your dad will not look at pornography.”

 5. You are saying to your brothers in Christ, “I challenge you to live pornography free too.”

 6. So you can see God work

 7. You invite God to get involved

8. Provides a first step

9. Provides a platform to share your story

10. You can be the chain-breaker for your family