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Our Mission

It’s Been Called the Bubonic Plague!


Pornography.  It threatens marriages, homes, and the church. It is the number one issue facing Christian men – in your church. Today you can be an agent
of change!


I am inviting you and your church, to be ONE –  1 of One Million People, committed to a pornography free life.


After One Million Men’s phenomenal success at Church at the Mall in Florida, it was evident that men do want to be free.  And, those not struggling want to be prepared to mentor and help those who are, or may struggle.  As a result, Pastor Jay Dennis developed extensive resources to educate leadership on how to forthrightly, but compassionately, address the issues of pornography.  Using One Million Men Porn Free materials, leadership can facilitate a study program that will take men through the steps to freedom, and teach men how to help a Christian brother, or even their son.


This study is accompanied by short recap videos that can be used as promotional videos.  And, you will hear powerful stories from Christian men that have been delivered.


For information, contact us through the website.

Be an Agent of Change When You Get Involved

Join the movement

You can join the movement by indicating your commitment to remaining Porn Free. Join here.


You can donate to support this movement – and when you do you will receive updates about the movement.

Get your resources

Order resources from our shop for use in your church or organization

Invite & encourage others to join the movement

Tell others 

Have you committed?

By getting on joining the movement, I am committing to being 1 of One Million People committed to living a porn free life. I’ve watched the video and I am making the porn free commitment, and will encourage other people to do the same. I realize I can only do this in God’s power, as I choose daily to:

  • Surrender to the Holy Spirit
  • Confess Sinful Thoughts Immediately
  • Replace Sinful Thoughts with God’s Word
  • Choose Specific Men to be Accountable To