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A message from Pastor Jay

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“When asked to estimate the percentage of men in their congregations who view pornography on a weekly basis, 43% are unable or unwilling to respond. Of those able and willing to estimate, a majority (62%) say less than 10%, 24% say 10-24%, 10% say 25-49% and 4% say 50% or more.” (Baptist Press)

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say less than 10%


say between 10-24%


say between 25-49%


say 50% or more

Pastor Jay Dennis
Chosen as one of the ‘Top 21 Emerging Leaders of the 21st Century’, Pastor Jay Dennis has been a driving force in the Christian community for years.
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Have you committed?

By getting on joining the movement, I am committing to being 1 of One Million People committed to living a porn free life. I’ve watched the video and I am making the porn free commitment, and will encourage other people to do the same. I realize I can only do this in God’s power, as I choose daily to:

  • Surrender to the Holy Spirit
  • Confess Sinful Thoughts Immediately
  • Replace Sinful Thoughts with God’s Word
  • Choose Specific Men to be Accountable To