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Did you know?

Pray for 1 Million Christian Men

Praying women throughout history have changed things. There is no limit to what can be

accomplished through a woman who commits to praying, specifically praying

for the men in her life and church. Pornography is lethal, why?

Because it is easily available, affordable (free), anonymous, and addictive.

  • The average age of a male’s first exposure to pornography is age 11
  • 47% of Christians admit pornography to be a major problem in their home

We invite you to make the difference

Join the Movement

Commit to living a pornography free life today!

Click here to become 1 of One Million
Invite & encourage others to join

Wives, moms, friends to join this army of One Million. And encourage your husband, son, or fiancé to make the commitment.

Invite your pastor to join

Or church leaders to challenge the people in your church to not ignore the Pink Elephant and discuss the issue of pornography.

  • A Praying Woman

    +*-A praying woman can storm the gates of hell.  A praying woman can overcome a crisis at home and at church.  A praying woman can disable Satan’s weapon of pornography.   You can be One – One of One Million Women Warriors Praying for One Million Men to be Porn Free......

Have you committed?

By getting on joining the movement, I am committing to being 1 of One Million People committed to living a porn free life. I’ve watched the video and I am making the porn free commitment, and will encourage other people to do the same. I realize I can only do this in God’s power, as I choose daily to:

  • Surrender to the Holy Spirit
  • Confess Sinful Thoughts Immediately
  • Replace Sinful Thoughts with God’s Word
  • Choose Specific Men to be Accountable To